................................................I was once known as Aquarians Love To Fuck (ALT-F). I am now Vagina Dentata (VD)................................................


Oppa Pudendam Style

It appears Lilibeth was either the diversion he as the psychopath he is, needed; or the diversion he as the psychopath he is, deserved.
Either way, the man is sated for the time being.

Following, as he normally would, the legal concept of 'res nullius' - since this fallen seraph was not at the moment the object of rights of any other specific subject - he availed himself of her charms.  He even went so far as to invoke 'terra nullius' on specific parts of her ample anatomy.  Though there may have been many 'indigenous' gentleman callers 'residing' in this newly discovered 'land', it is the well respected legal right of the more civilized interloping gentleman caller to 'take' this 'land' and put it to good use.

He ate, drank and performed well.  And the fair, fey and fay Griselda will, without doubt, never be loved like that again.  Here's hoping?  Nevertheless and notwithstanding, better her than me.

He regaled the rich, curvaceously fleshy cherub, as he is often wont to do, with his readily evident and sublimely resplendent, ‘Dress Classy, Fook Klassy and Despoil Lassie' aesthetic.

His “Pudendam Style” is known far afield and its essence is not only well reflected in the laudatory folkloric narratives found among those who were unluckily anointed with it, but it also forms the basis of the expansive and grisly detail one finds in the intricately conjectured cautionary tales of those who were luckily eschewed.

The Tutor:  "See this Man Purse and matching Carry-On?  They're Hermes 'Caleche-express' valises. A '12h Document Holder' - CA $7,095.00 and a matching 'Petite Cabine Suitcase' - CA $7,425.00.  I believe that travelling, like all things, is just another opportunity to strike a pose.  After all what better way to commemorate time spent out-of-town, be it for vacation or because of an intractable psychopathic compulsion, than with fabulous Pudendam Style?  My on-the-go accessories are constitutive of my essence and must always be on-point(1).  All that remains is to pack these luxurious travel companions with equally dapper ensembles.
Do you know where I got the money for them?"

Me:  "Where?"

The Tutor:  "Man-whoring!  Did you see my new Tesla Roadster?  Do you know where I got the money for it?"

Me:  "Man-whoring?"

The Tutor:  "Stock Market, but I got the money for the Stock Market from man-whoring."

Me:  "You're gay."

The Tutor:  "So jealz!  You know what I'm sayin', Oppa is Pudendam style!  Eh! Sexy Lady, Oppa is Pudendam style!"

(1)  Some would have this phrase spelt, "en pointe".  I, personally, have always found the use of Ballet metaphor to be pointeless

The included photographs are, of course, an artist's impression of Lilibeth Griselda in Dupont.  Although quite an accurate representation, after two and a half decades of wielding such weaponry, the armaments have suffered a slight inconvenience of gravity to be sure.